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Gain new skills by attending jujitsu classes in Victoria, TX

Brazilian jujitsu trains your body and mind to fight with precision and accuracy. Flow State Fight Academy offers Brazilian jujitsu classes for every age group and skill level. Jujitsu allows smaller, physically weaker fighters to take down bigger and stronger opponents.

Jujitsu features more ground fighting than other martial arts. You'll be sparring with opponents and grappling on the mat. Grappling is a key component of Brazilian jujitsu.

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Brazilian Jujitsu

Take jujitsu lessons to better your fighting technique and fitness

Our jujitsu lessons are intended to sharpen your skills and make you a better fighter. You'll learn all sorts of moves that can help you in both protecting yourself in the ring and defending yourself on the street.

During your lessons, you'll practice important ground positions, such as:

  • Side control
  • Full mount
  • Back mount
  • North-South position
  • Guards
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Brazilian Jujitsu
Brazilian Jujitsu